Embrace it

It’s late afternoon as the clouds roll into the city. Grey and moodie, they descend ominously upon evening commuters rushing to get home. A hurried man pauses, looks up, and a frown creases his brow. He sniffs the thick air and bleakly wonders if it’ll rain. The wind whips through the street and the manContinue reading “Embrace it”

Gold country

Gold country. That’s what they call Central Otago. A nickname left over from many years ago, when there were nuggets to be found and fortunes to be made. But that’s not why I call it Gold Country.  April is when the real gold arrives. It’s all around and unfolds across the land like motley tapestryContinue reading “Gold country”

A campground promenade

I like to wander through campgrounds in the dark. When no one else is awake and I have only the stars for company.   While I walk, a light breeze often moves across the place, stirring the grass and rustling tents. I can see big tents and small ones. Some are brand new, while others areContinue reading “A campground promenade”