Flash Fiction: When it all burns down

The notification on my phone tells me this is the end. In less than an hour the internet will be shut down forever. The cause: foreign interference. Citizens can no longer be trusted to discern true from false. The influence is too strong, our minds over manipulated and our addiction insatiable. The Government is takingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: When it all burns down”

Flash Fiction: Lost and found

I know I put them somewhere. I’ve searched this place high and low. Every nook inspected, every cranny examined but still they elude me. I’ve tried all the usual places. Sliding my hand down the back of the couch, rummaging through the junk drawer in the kitchen, even checking the pocket of my old winterContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Lost and found”

Flash Fiction: Celebration

Daniel has always been a recluse. He’s content with being alone, even after becoming the last person left on Earth. Preferring the peace and quiet of his cabin in the woods to the hubbub of the city. He likes the simple way of life there. In the trees, he can savour the solitude while enjoyingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Celebration”

The Bystander

The night air is unusually warm for March as the young woman emerges from the subway. It’s a little after midnight and a full moon lights the sky in a pale glow. She sways a little as she crosses the road and the clips of her heels echo down the empty street. She’s whistling aContinue reading “The Bystander”


I hear the shutter click from behind me and flinch. It’s a reflex, I can’t help it. Every time I hear that tell tale sound my muscles contract and my jaw clenches. It’s like a survival response, telling me I’m under threat. Fifty, sixty, seventy times a day it happens. Click. Flinch. Click. Flinch. MyContinue reading “Captured”

Raspberry delight

A pelting rain slated Mickey as he waited for the bus and watched the worm. Big droplets splashed and plopped against his raincoat, seeping into it, dampening his shirt underneath. Mickey shivered, folded his arms and bowed into the wind. He angrily wished there was a proper bus shelter to wait in.  The worm, totallyContinue reading “Raspberry delight”