Eclipsed by the Moon

I had to move to the country to make friends with the Moon.  For months, I’d been getting only a glimpse of her, peering shyly through the crowd of tall shadowing buildings that made up my concrete neighbourhood, and it was driving me crazy.  Each night I would stand at my window, peeking out fromContinue reading “Eclipsed by the Moon”

A night to remember

I noticed her the minute she walked through the dance hall door. She was wearing a white dress with matching high heel shoes and light pink lipstick. Her soft brown hair was cut short and it curled just below her jewel studded ears. A string of pearls hung around her neck, shining softly under theContinue reading “A night to remember”

A campground promenade

I like to wander through campgrounds in the dark. When no one else is awake and I have only the stars for company.   While I walk, a light breeze often moves across the place, stirring the grass and rustling tents. I can see big tents and small ones. Some are brand new, while others areContinue reading “A campground promenade”