Flash fiction: Wishful thinking

Lisa loves the way Jack smells. Like sawdust and starched cotton that’s been out in the sun too long. Inhaling deeply she snuggles closer to him, burying her nose into his neck.  The late afternoon sun shines lazily across their bedspread. Jack’s legs are entwined with hers and he lies back with his eyes closed.Continue reading “Flash fiction: Wishful thinking”

Flash Fiction: A fairy price

My parents might be lying to me. I don’t want to believe it but I have to find out for sure.  Danielle Spencer had planted the seed for my suspicions. She’d been prancing about at school, a wicked smile on her face and a taunting snarl on her lips.  “You know she’s not real, right?”Continue reading “Flash Fiction: A fairy price”

Flash Fiction: When it all burns down

The notification on my phone tells me this is the end. In less than an hour the internet will be shut down forever. The cause: foreign interference. Citizens can no longer be trusted to discern true from false. The influence is too strong, our minds over manipulated and our addiction insatiable. The Government is takingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: When it all burns down”

Flash Fiction: Hunger crime

Jason was hungry when he approached the store. Not in-the-mood-for-a-snack hungry, no. Jason was really hungry, like hadn’t-eaten-in-two-days hungry.  Despite Jason reminding his dad to get milk and eggs that morning, the fridge at home was empty of any nutrition. The only thing on the otherwise bare shelves was a magically refilling six-pack of beerContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Hunger crime”

Flash Fiction: Just one bite

He knew exactly what the wicked old witch was trying to do. Feeding him all these wonderfully delicious treats, trying to get him nice and fat so she could eat him.  So far Hansel had managed to refuse the food the crone tempted him with. He hadn’t taken a single bite of the sticky cinnamonContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Just one bite”

Flash Fiction: Temptation

The pair had been making eyes at one another for months but tonight they’d taken it that one step further.  The time was set for eight o’clock. The setting, a dingy bar in the rough part of town. A place where prying eyes wouldn’t recognise them and their clandestine act. The two arrived separately butContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Temptation”

Flash Fiction: Calling

I woke up early this morning to be the first in line. My phone rests in my hand, primed and ready; the number already punched in. I watch the clock. The second hand ticks down, passing the six, thirty seconds to go. Tick, tick, tick. Ten seconds and counting, I suck in a breath. ThenContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Calling”

Flash Fiction: Lost and found

I know I put them somewhere. I’ve searched this place high and low. Every nook inspected, every cranny examined but still they elude me. I’ve tried all the usual places. Sliding my hand down the back of the couch, rummaging through the junk drawer in the kitchen, even checking the pocket of my old winterContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Lost and found”

Flash Fiction: Return to sender

An unpleasant surprise waited in my letterbox today. It was an envelope I had posted only two weeks ago. Now here it was, back again: a paper boomerang.  I turn the envelope over in my hands, run my fingers along its crumpled edges. The creased paper matches the furrowing of my brow as I inspectContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Return to sender”

Flash Fiction: Celebration

Daniel has always been a recluse. He’s content with being alone, even after becoming the last person left on Earth. Preferring the peace and quiet of his cabin in the woods to the hubbub of the city. He likes the simple way of life there. In the trees, he can savour the solitude while enjoyingContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Celebration”