Taking the lead

The phone rings at twenty minutes past eight in the morning. It’s a call I’ve been expecting but one I didn’t want to get. With a trembling hand, I pick up the receiver and hold it to my ear. My brother’s voice, strained and subdued, crackles down the line.  “It’s Dad,” he says, “I knowContinue reading “Taking the lead”

The stone in my pocket

You know the stone I carry around in my pocket? The one that looks like any old boring piece of rock? Small, smooth and round, it sits comfortably in the palm of my hand; weighing just as much as a stone should weigh. It’s unremarkable, grey, and there’s nothing about it that would make youContinue reading “The stone in my pocket”

A bad day at the office

The monotony is loathsome. I slather it on my dry toast each morning and swallow it down with a wash of bitter coffee. I’m down to rationing one measly teaspoon of sugar per cup and it doesn’t make the morning any sweeter.  I don’t even really know what day of the week it is butContinue reading “A bad day at the office”

A night to remember

I noticed her the minute she walked through the dance hall door. She was wearing a white dress with matching high heel shoes and light pink lipstick. Her soft brown hair was cut short and it curled just below her jewel studded ears. A string of pearls hung around her neck, shining softly under theContinue reading “A night to remember”

Finding Memory Lane

Mr. Tomlinson is a man who spends too much time on Memory Lane. That’s what Mum says anyway. But I’ve been watching him for weeks now and I swear he never leaves the house.  He sits in his living room most days, in an old armchair, surrounded by dusty books and faded drapes. He sitsContinue reading “Finding Memory Lane”

Embrace it

It’s late afternoon as the clouds roll into the city. Grey and moodie, they descend ominously upon evening commuters rushing to get home. A hurried man pauses, looks up, and a frown creases his brow. He sniffs the thick air and bleakly wonders if it’ll rain. The wind whips through the street and the manContinue reading “Embrace it”

Gold country

Gold country. That’s what they call Central Otago. A nickname left over from many years ago, when there were nuggets to be found and fortunes to be made. But that’s not why I call it Gold Country.  April is when the real gold arrives. It’s all around and unfolds across the land like motley tapestryContinue reading “Gold country”