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Listen: Gold country

I’ve been working to record my stories into an audio format – giving you another way to engage with my writing. In each episode, I…

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Flash Fiction: Hunger crime

Jason was hungry when he approached the store. Not in-the-mood-for-a-snack hungry, no. Jason was really hungry, like hadn’t-eaten-in-two-days hungry.  Despite Jason reminding his dad to…

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Spilt milk

Daddy hoists me up. Lifting under my arms, he puts me into the trolley. He grabs the little black strap, pulls it across my tummy…

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Flash Fiction: Celebration

Daniel has always been a recluse. He’s content with being alone, even after becoming the last person left on Earth. Preferring the peace and quiet…

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The Bystander

The night air is unusually warm for March as the young woman emerges from the subway. It’s a little after midnight and a full moon…

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Flash Fiction: Refuge

Whenever in a new place, after hours of sightseeing, I make a point of seeking refuge. I do this by visiting the public library. Why?…

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