Kia ora

Welcome to Backyard tales – a blog dedicated to travel, through storytelling.

Here you’ll find short stories, that I hope will transport you, just for a moment, without needing to leave your backyard.

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I hear the shutter click from behind me and flinch. It’s a reflex, I can’t help it. Every time I hear that tell tale sound my muscles contract and my…

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Raspberry delight

A pelting rain slated Mickey as he waited for the bus and watched the worm. Big droplets splashed and plopped against his raincoat, seeping into it, dampening his shirt underneath.…

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The in-between

The cancer ward was on the ground floor and that was a problem. I was about to be checked-in for six weeks of treatment, placing my life in suspension, while…

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About Me

Kia ora, I’m Julia – a New Zealander who grew up in the mountains and now lives near the sea.

I have a degree in linguistics and am perpetually fascinated by the endless possibilities of words, language and expression.